Our Services

Publishing, Content Development & Research

1 Terra assists its clients with publishing and content development services in a diverse range of topics, related to improving the awareness and utilization of more sustainable business and community solutions.

Web & iPad Programming, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Hosting and Support

1 Terra supports its clients in a wide range of web based solutions, including customized web programming, iPad applications, graphic design and illustration, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, and support.

Online Promotion, Social Media Campaigns, YouTube Channel Development

1 Terra supports its clients with a variety of online promotion strategies, including social media campaigns, You Tube channel development, PR campaigns, and online advertising.

Video Production

1 Terra provides video production, editing, and podcasting as part of our range of services. These videos can be used for training or promotional purposes, and add to the multimedia components of the websites and applications we publish for our clients.


1 Terra develops animations that can be incorporated into a wide range of client projects to enhance the key features inherent in the products and services of our clients.

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