EcoLogo™ Founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada:

EcoLogo™ is one of the largest, most respected environmental standard and certification marks. It provides customers with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. EcoLogo certifies environmental leaders covering a large variety of categories, helping identify the world’s most sustainable products.

Network for Business Sustainability:

The Network for Business Sustainability(NBS) is a Canadian non-profit that produces authoritative resources on important sustainability issues – with the goal of shaping management practice and research.

LEAD Canada:

LEAD’s mission is to inspire leadership and change for a sustainable world. LEAD strives to address the challenges of a growing world through the adaptation of sustainable models of development at the local, regional and global levels.

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy:

The NRT has a mandate until 2013, to release reports on water sustainability and the natural resources sectors, business resilience to climate change, pathways to a low-carbon economy, life-cycle approaches to sustainable development, and federal-provincial progress towards Canada’s 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reductions target.

Industry Canada’s Eco-Efficiency Website:

This site is intended to provide information on the benefits of eco-efficiency for Canadian businesses. It also provides information on Industry Canada's efforts to promote productivity through eco-efficiency, and contains general information on business and the environment.

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